By: Kari Kessler and Kris Koberlein

MCIU Offices of Organizational and Professional Learning and Student Services

The mission of the annual Montgomery County Resource Expo is threefold: to promote a better quality of life for people with disabilities in Montgomery County, to provide access to information and resources from a wide variety of agencies and organizations, and to support the family members, friends, teachers, and other community members who make it all possible.

On December 5th, we will be holding our annual Fall event at the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit in Norristown, PA. Attendees to the December 5th event will be able to learn about the services provided by the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit. Our Barista Buddies coffee shop (student run) will be open.  Additional vendors invited to the event will address everything from financial planning, summer camp opportunities, social and leisure activities, autism related services, transition from high school to post-secondary opportunities that can include:  independent and semi-independent living options, colleges, and more. County or state agencies will also be invited to participate.

The planning team, in cooperation with its county-wide partners, have  embraced the opportunity to support families and educators in accessing needed services outside a child’s school day. We hope to see you on December 5th!

There is no registration for participants.  Families and educators are encouraged to just come and learn more about what services are out there for students with disabilities. 

Programming Note: Vendors are required to register and cannot attend unless they have registered through our system.  Vendors can contact Kari or Kris for more information.