In today’s discussion, we learn how educational leaders can Go DEEPER with their data using CatchOn, an expansive data analytics tool that provides administrative leaders a window into the efficacy of their technology investments and integrations. CatchOn founder Jena Draper and our MCIU program administrator for instructional technology, Brandon Langer, discuss the range of data topics in today’s educational landscape and how the CatchOn platform can inform instructional technology selections and student-data privacy decisions.

00:00 – Start 00:22 – Introductions 01:10 – Where Did CatchOn Begin? 03:20 – What is CatchOn? 04:23 – Side Conversation: The Millennial K-12 Tech Experience 06:00 – Where is CatchOn Now? 06:57 – Product Outcome: Student-Level Data Tool 07:43 – Setting the State for Student-Data Privacy (CatchOn Detect) 10:34 – How Does It Work? 12:28 – Why Do I Need Tech Usage Data? 13:44 – Going DEEPER into Student Data Privacy 14:47 – Discover 17:45 – Evaluate 20:14 – Endorse 22:08 – Publish 23:13 – Engage 25:56 – Review 30:20 – CatchOn Detect 34:27 – Wrap-Up and Next Steps 35:30 – Access the PAIU Consortium for CatchOn

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Brandon Langer serves as the Program Administrator of Instructional Technology at MCIU where he oversees the Montgomery Virtual Program and supports the integration of instructional technology in the Office of Professional Learning. As a former teacher and an instructional coach, Brandon has conducted numerous professional development sessions centered around technology applications and integrating student-centered instruction into the classroom. He has also worked closely with fine and performing arts teachers throughout the northeast to create and advocate for arts programs and modernize arts assessment practices. His passion for student success is grounded in his belief that teachers, not the computer, are the most powerful asset in the classroom today.

Brandon is the host of the OPL Podcast from MCIU and has earned a Bachelor of Music in Education from the University of Delaware and a Master of Science in Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Arkansas State University. He is a regular participant in many online PLN Twitter chats and can be followed @BrandonLanger.