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ChangED envisions a transformative educational landscape where learning is a dynamic and inspiring journey for both teachers and students alike. We aspire to redefine the conventional boundaries of education, empowering educators to become fearless change agents who revolutionize instructional practices. Through our movement, we aim to foster a culture of curiosity, encouraging students to embrace their innate desire to explore, question, and learn. ChangED is committed to reshaping the future of education, where innovation, passion, and a thirst for knowledge become the guiding forces that propel us towards a brighter and more equitable world.

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ChangED Magazine (Issue 8) April 2024

ChangED Magazine (Issue 8) April 2024

Have you been hearing a lot of chatter about Generative Artificial Intelligence? Worried about what it means for you, your job, and the future of learning? Not sure about what where to look or how to learn more?

The April ChangED magazine was built with all these questions (and more) in mind. Learn about the A.I. educational runway, how A.I. is impacting critical thinking, and ways to unpack AI integration in the classroom and so much more. Not interested in A.I.? Check out our Solar Eclipse resource page!