CoE: High-Level focus Standards

These guidance documents are designed to identify and define areas of high-level focus for core content instruction supported by key PA Academic Standards. Note that while all standards deserve a defined level of instruction, neglecting key concepts may result in learning gaps skill and understanding and may leave students unprepared for the challenges of later grades.

Focus on effective instruction


The links to the right contain the prioritized standards (labeled “high-level focus”) on the PDE Roadmap for Educational Leaders


    Also from the roadmap

    Focus on Instruction

    Instruction must be aligned to a coherent set of learning outcomes, indicating what students should know and be able to do. Dimensions for consideration when planning for instruction include the following.

    Instructional Delivery: Instructional delivery is differentiated relative to explicitness through modeling, systematic instruction with appropriate scaffolding and pacing, and provision of immediate corrective feedback to students with sufficient opportunities to respond.

    Grouping: Grouping includes whole group, homogeneous small group, partners, heterogeneous mixed ability small group, independent and one-to-one.

    Time: The amount of instructional time varies relative to a particular area of content, small group instruction versus whole group instruction, and opportunities for students to interact or work independently.

    Materials: Selecting materials for specific students and purposes is often a challenge. Materials should be evidence-based and adjusted to meet the needs of students.

    Learning Environment: A positive and safe learning environment has clearly defined and consistent expectations.