Google Forms are frequently used in classrooms for surveys, exit tickets, and formative assessments. Did you know you can customize a Form with multiple modalities?  Incorporating multiple modalities in Google Forms is a great way to promote accessibility and inclusion in the classroom. By adding visual and audio elements, educators can help ensure that all students can access and understand the material being presented.

One option for adding images to a Google Form is to simply click on the Image thumbnail in Forms and select the desired image. This is a simple and effective way to provide visual support for students

You can add images to your Google Forms to make them more accessible.

Another powerful tool for enhancing Google Forms is the Mote extension for Google Chrome. This extension allows users to embed audio directly into a Google Form. This can be particularly helpful for students who have difficulty with reading or who are auditory learners. Mote also works with Docs and Slides, making it a versatile tool for creating accessible content.

By utilizing these tools and incorporating multiple modalities into Google Forms, educators can create a more inclusive learning environment where all students have the opportunity to succeed. So why not try adding some images or audio to your next Google Form?


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