If you’ve heard of Open Middle Problems and maybe used a few of them, but you’re not satisfied with how things have gone and want consistently good results, then this mini workshop is for you. I want your students to love using Open Middle problems and have them be your favorite problems to use when getting observed. We’ll begin by discussing how Open Middle problems can help you and your students. Then we’ll work through specific examples for grades K-1, 2-5, and 6-12. We’ll use them to talk about how to prepare to use a problem as well as how to use them with students. We’ll also address how you can use Open Middle problems when teaching students remotely, and there’s even video of me teaching a digital lesson. Then we’ll talk about where you can find more Open Middle problems to use and when and where you want to use them in your units. Finally, there’s a bonus lesson on how you can use Open Middle problems at home with your own children.


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