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IEP Writing Series (asynchronous)

This IEP writing series demonstrates important components of an Individual Education Plan (IEP). Throughout these interactive courses, you will learn how to write a sound IEP. The structure of these courses allows you to pick and choose which sections you need. Each course is designed to be one hour.

Interested in a section that isn’t currently listed? Let us know. Check back as we will be adding sections as needed. 

All courses are asynchronous and self-paced, with rolling enrollment open until April 18th (and then until June 30). You can take one course or take all!

In the initial launch of the series, we are offering courses on the following:

Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance

Learn how to write the foundation of the IEP- the Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performance (PLAAFP) section. You will dive into the necessary components of present levels and learn how to discern between academic achievement and functional performance. This course is designed to help you navigate the process of developing a high-quality PLAAFP statement.

Measurable Annual Goals

This course discusses the purpose of IEP Goals. You will learn the elements of a measurable annual goal, including academic, behavioral, and social/emotional goals. You will receive checklist reminders for considerations in academic versus functional goals. Additionally, you will explore examples and non-examples for each piece of a goal. Specific components to IEP goals are outlined with embedded examples and opportunities to practice.

Related Servics and Extended School Year

Learn more about Related Services and Extended School Year (ESY) within Section VI of the IEP. This course will review FAPE (Free and Appropriate Public Education) as well. You will learn the necessary supports for school, personnel, and you will review types of related services and how to write them into the IEP. Additionally, you will learn about ESY and how a student qualifies for ESY.

Specially Designed Instruction (SDI)

Learn how to write Specially Designed Instructions (SDIs) in Section VI of the IEP. You will learn the various types of SDIs used in virtual environments. This course is designed to help you write SDIs to support the needs of your students as identified in the PLAAFP (Present Levels of Academic Achievement and Functional Performances).

Supplemental Aids and Services

Learn about Supplementary Aids and Services. It will provide an overview of Section VI of the IEP and includes lessons on the why, how, who, and where of Supplementary Aids and Services. Additionally, resources are provided to support inclusive practices in the IEP. This course incorporates the Supplementary Aids and Services Toolkit and Fact Sheet.

Gifted Services

This course is designed to support the writing of Gifted Services within Section VI of the IEP for a student with a dual diagnosis. First, it reviews what Gifted Services are and how to write present education levels for gifted students who also have a disability. Then it will review various aspects of Section VI of the IEP and how to include specifics for students who are identified as gifted, including SDIs and related services.

Student Demographics and IEP Meetings

We will discuss some of the steps to take before, during, and after the IEP meeting. This course reviews the first three pages of the IEP including the roles of each participant in the IEP Meeting. Additionally, we will review the IEP invitation, Procedural Safeguards, Medical Assistance Program Billing, Notice of Education Placement Notice, and IEP Revisions.

Special Considerations

In this course, you will learn the requirements related to the special considerations section of the IEP. It will provide a general overview of each special consideration. Questions to consider as part of the special considerations are provided. Additionally, it addresses the additional requirements of certain special considerations.