This learning module provides an introduction to the Collins Writing framework, an integrated instructional approach that utilizes writing strategically for learning and assessment. The Collins Writing tools provide teachers, schools, and districts with a unified, research-based approach to integrate writing into both the face-to-face and remote learning environments. Participants will explore the Collins Five Types of Writing that develop students’ essential writing and thinking skills as well as integrate and apply the Collins framework to meet the demands of their current curriculum, instruction, and assessments needs in grades 3-12 in all content areas.

This module is a hybrid of asynchronous and synchronous learning with John Collins and our IU project consultants. A copy of John Collins’s book Improving Student Performance Through Writing and Thinking Across the Curriculum is included. There will be a required 1- hour Zoom session for this course on September 14, 2020.

This introduction to the Collins framework and Types of Writing is a prerequisite for all other Writing Pathway modules.