“Every single educator is capable of greatness”

– Kristin Anderson

Kristin shared this statement as part of an interview she did with MCIU in the fall.  Her belief that educators and school leaders are the most important influencers in a child’s education is what makes this Visible Learning series at MCIU so special. 

This week’s OPL podcast features an inspiring conversation with Kristin and highlights two of the most important categories in the Visible Learning research, feedback and efficacy.

“I want collective teacher efficacy”

When we look at the Visible Learning Research, it doesn’t take long to scroll to the top and see what has the greatest impact, Collective Teacher Efficacy.  I love how Kristin brings up the reality that this is not born over night.  While it is great that educational leaders are acknowledging the importance of efficacy, Kristin brings us down to earth by pointing out that this all starts with our own self-efficacy.

“worry more about how students are receiving your feedback much more than increasing how much you give”

– John Hattie