Have you ever wondered how the brain works when it comes to learning? This course will explore the miracle that is the brain. You will explore the structure of the brain, the dynamics of memory, and the influence of emotions on memory and learning. This session links brain research to learning and teaching, including a discussion around the importance of rehearsal. This course is a prerequisite for additional brain coursework. Throughout the course and subsequent modules, you will gain a deeper understanding of the neurodiversity of learners.






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Kari Kessler is a Project Consultant in the area of Autism. Kari has a Master's in Education from Penn State and is a Certified Competent Learner Model Coach and Coordinator. She recently completed her coursework through Florida Institute of Technology to become a Board Certified Behavior Analyst and has been a coach in Intensive Applied Behavioral Analysis programs.

Prior to being a consultant, Kari taught in Autistic Support Programs for students with complex instructional needs all the way to the other end of the spectrum- the Asperger's student. Kari is devoted to high quality, rigorous education for students with autism. She is passionate that students be prepared for life after high school. Kari's enthusiasm for education and students with disabilities is evident in her engaging presentation style.