Building a math community where it is safe to take risks and share ideas is key to equitable mathematics instruction. Math class is often a place where it is believed that some belong more than others, so we as educators must nurture the development of positive math identities and create a sense of belonging for all.

Many students are in classrooms with limited opportunities for discourse, sense-making, and mathematical discovery. Together we will explore practical ways to increase engagement without creating chaos.

Participants will witness the effectiveness of leveraging these routines, focusing on reasoning, facilitating discourse, sharing varied representations, and making relevant connections. With mathematics being the most anxiety-producing subject, it is time to extend the invitation to all students and teachers so they gain access to math joy.

Students learn best when they are empowered to take ownership of their learning. In order for this to happen, they must have a positive math identity built on positive experiences in math class. 


Deborah Peart is the founder of My Mathematical Mind and speaks on a variety of topic related to math identity, elementary math content and instruction, and literacy connections to mathematics. Blending her training in yoga and mindfulness with mathematics instruction, Deborah advocates for a mindful approach to teaching mathematics in order to address math anxiety, build confidence and support the development of positive math identities. She has dedicated her career to supporting educators with innovative teaching strategies that allow students to see themselves as assets to the learning community and curious problem-solvers.
Deborah is the Director of Elementary Learning at UnboundEd and the lead author for second grade for the Illustrative Mathematics K-5 curriculum. Deborah believes that all children deserve high quality instruction and the opportunity to become competent readers, writers, and mathers.


Adrienne Batops Paul Headshot
Adrienne Baytops Paul has been an educator for over 20 years. She is the Chief Operating Officer of the firm My Mathematical Mind and a Mathematics Specialist for UnboundEd where she develops professional development content designed to dismantle inequitable instructional practices. Adrienne as presented at The National Council for Teachers of Mathematics Annual Conference, FCTM, PCTM, the Cognitively Guided Instruction Conference, the Singapore Mathematics Summer Institute, and other conferences. She has written articles about mathematics best practices and equity that have been published in the Journal of Science and Mathematics and on
She holds a master of education degree in Mathematics Educational Leadership (K-8) from George Mason University and English degrees from the University of Chicago and Columbia University. Adrienne is deeply committed to supporting perseverance and ability and strengthening teacher confidence, capability, and content knowledge in K-8 mathematics.

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