A Free Resource to Support the Integration of District-Approved Educational Technology Tools and Resources


This interactive guide is intended to be a resource for educators as they learn to use specific technological tools that are supported by their school district.  Built with our teachers in mind, this is a curation of the best free and openly-accessible learning resources and tutorials we could find.  MCIU’s Office of Professional Learning will continue to update and add to this resource in order to meet the requests we receive from our member school districts.


We are accepting requests for additional tutorial resources to be curated into this document from our Montgomery County, PA school districts.  You may also share any district-created resources you think may be of help.  Please email any district developed materials or requests for additional tools to our Program Administrator for Instructional Technology, Brandon Langer at

How to use this guide

  • Page 2 of this document is an interactive table of contents. 
  • Each tech tool has been aligned to a category. 
  • Click on the link of a tool you would like to learn more about and you will be pushed down to the curated resources below. 
  • There are guides for a range of abilities and use cases for each tool.
  • We advise that users do not make a copy of this document so you may continue to have access to the most recent set of curated materials.
  • It is important to review and abide by the terms of service for each tool, resource, and content provider. 
  • Teachers should follow school and district guidelines for implementation.