MCIU is now offering county-wide consortium pricing in partnership with Kami!

Based on our tiered options below, districts and schools could save anywhere from 20 cents to $1.60 per license.

A Summary of Kami features

MCIU Consortium Pricing Tiers

Consortium purchases will be made with MCIU and districts will maintain a direct connection with the Kami team for setup and integration.  To take advantage of this offer, please contact Brandon Langer ( and Lisa Moore ( with the following information and we can generate a quote for you.

  • School District Name and Address
  • Number of Licenses Required
  • District Contact Name and Email Address

This program will not supersede any current contracts with Kami, but districts will be able to access the consortium price once their current contract expires.  Kami joins a terrific list of consortium EdTech offers from MCIU.  Please visit to see a comprehensive list and offers from partners like Learning A-Z, Smore, Brainpop, and more.

More About Kami