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Season 3 of the OPL podcast kicks off with Graham Fletcher, a mathematics teacher and clinician who will visit the MCIU in early 2022.  Click to listen to our conversation about problem-based learning, 3-act Tasks, and how to build procedural fluency and conceptual understanding in the elementary math classroom.

GFletch Bio
Graham Joins MCIU in March!
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Brandon Langer serves as the Program Administrator of Instructional Technology at MCIU where he oversees the Montgomery Virtual Program and supports the integration of instructional technology in the Office of Professional Learning. As a former teacher and an instructional coach, Brandon has conducted numerous professional development sessions centered around technology applications and integrating student-centered instruction into the classroom. He has also worked closely with fine and performing arts teachers throughout the northeast to create and advocate for arts programs and modernize arts assessment practices. His passion for student success is grounded in his belief that teachers, not the computer, are the most powerful asset in the classroom today.

Brandon is the host of the OPL Podcast from MCIU and has earned a Bachelor of Music in Education from the University of Delaware and a Master of Science in Education in Curriculum and Instruction from Arkansas State University. He is a regular participant in many online PLN Twitter chats and can be followed @BrandonLanger.

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Stephanie Schwab is the STEM Program Administrator for Montgomery County Intermediate Unit and a member of the PA STEM Experiences for Equity and Diversity (SEED) Ecosystem Executive Team. In both of these roles, she works with school districts in developing and implementing STEM curriculum, assessments, and effective instructional practices, and to connect and cultivate relationships among school districts and various stakeholder groups working to improve STEM education for ALL students.

Stephanie's passion for STEM began at a young age when she realized she wanted to be a mathematics teacher. Over the years, that passion has grown as she has advanced throughout her career as a middle and high school mathematics teacher, instructional coach, and curriculum supervisor. Her two young children have added to her inspiration to continually improve STEM experiences for all students. Stephanie is currently pursuing a Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership and holds two Master's Degrees; one in Curriculum and Instruction and another in Development and Strategies.

Follow Stephanie on Twitter @StephSschwab

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Erin's experience in the field of education has spanned the past 20 years of her life. Erin started her career at the Hatboro-Horsham School District as a Learning Support Teacher, primarily supporting middle school students in the area of mathematics. She was also a Special Education Coordinator. She currently holds a position in the Office of Professional Learning at Montgomery County Intermediate Unit, working primarily in the areas of UDL, STEM, and Inclusive Practices.

Erin holds a dual degree in Special Education and Elementary Education, a Master's Degree in Reading with a certificate as a Reading Specialist. In addition, she holds a Middle Level Math Certificate.

Making education accessible for ALL students is what drives Erin to share her knowledge and understanding with educators and administrators. Her innovative, hands-on professional development sessions will leave you wanting more! Her desire to model best practices in trainings is an effort to "practice what you preach" and provide you, the learner, with the best tools possible for instructing in your space and meeting the needs of all students.