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Personalized Summer Learning Opportunities for Students

Montgomery County Intermediate Unit announces two new summer virtual learning opportunities for students. Whether camp or coursework, personalized opportunities to enrich and explore are available to students in grades K-12.   I am interested in:Dream It, Design It started as a one day design challenge competition for students in grades 4 and 5.  This year we are expanding Dream It, Design It to a week-long design-thinking camp for young people across the U.S. entering grades 1-8. Registrants will participate in week-long activities with the help of their peers and counselors.   Visit the Dream it, Design It siteMVP is happy to offer our new Summer Bundles where middle and high school  students can choose from Enrichment and...

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The OPL Podcast: Welcome To Alphabet Soup!

Alphabet Soup Pt. 1: The U's (UDL & UBD) Education is filled with acronyms and frameworks that are intended to help educators and leaders provide the best learning experiences possible.  As a result, these tools and processes can have a language all their own and can be confusing for those who do not engage with them on a daily basis.  Enter "Alphabet Soup," an ongoing mini-series dedicated to explaining and unpacking educational language and frameworks in a succinct and meaningful way.  The OPL podcast kicks off this new series with "The U's," a discussion about two separate frameworks rooted in instructional "Design."More About Universal Design for LearningCAST.ORG (UDL Guidelines) Click the icon to launch the interactive guidelines...

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MCIU EdTech Training Guide

A Free Resource to Support the Integration of District-Approved Educational Technology Tools and Resources This interactive guide is intended to be a resource for educators as they learn to use specific technological tools that are supported by their school district.  Built with our teachers in mind, this is a curation of the best free and openly-accessible learning resources and tutorials we could find.  MCIU's Office of Professional Learning will continue to update and add to this resource in order to meet the requests we receive from our member school districts. We are accepting requests for additional tutorial resources to be curated into this document from our Montgomery County, PA school districts.  You may also share any...

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The OPL Podcast: Taking Steps To Make “Visible Learning” Visible with Kristin Anderson

“Every single educator is capable of greatness" - Kristin Anderson Kristin shared this statement as part of an interview she did with MCIU in the fall.  Her belief that educators and school leaders are the most important influencers in a child's education is what makes this Visible Learning series at MCIU so special.  This week's OPL podcast features an inspiring conversation with Kristin and highlights two of the most important categories in the Visible Learning research, feedback and efficacy."I want collective teacher efficacy" When we look at the Visible Learning Research, it doesn't take long to scroll to the top and see what has the greatest impact, Collective Teacher Efficacy.  I love how Kristin brings up the reality that this is...

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Utilizing the New CDT Interactive Reports

Workshop Materials MCIU CDT Activity List: Updates for January 2020   General Enhancements Made to Reports Reduced scroll bars on each reporting page Pre-filter values will be available across all reports Initial report data focused on most recent test event for Student Group Batch Download available from all report tabs Conferencing Report The Conferencing Report is a new report that will be available through Batch Download. This report will provide immediate results upon submission of a completed CDT and will compare up to three of the most recent test events for the selected Content Area. The reported test events will vary, based on what test events have been completed by the student, and may include...

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The K-12 STEM Shift | Upper Merion Area School District

“STEM is so much more than Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math” ~Shannon Lotz Upper Merion Area School District has made tremendous strides to integrate STEM in their K-12 learning sequence.  Dr. Sean Gardiner and Ms. Shannon Lotz join the OPL team to discuss STEM education, what it can look like in Kindergarten and elementary environments, and how starting with Language Arts was the key to STEM success at Roberts Elementary School.The Text Behind the Story All you need to make the shift to STEM a reality! This resource makes the process of shifting to a comprehensive, integrated STEM school or district within reach! Invaluable case studies featuring STEM pioneers model how successful, STEM-centered learning takes place. You’ll...

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