We all have those students who are never following directions or great at pushing our buttons in front of the entire class just to see how we react. But what if we can take the power back through respect and empathy?

First Things First

We often encounter students who consistently disregard instructions or seem adept at testing our patience in front of the entire class. What if we could regain control by fostering an environment of respect and empathy?

Lead with Empathy 

In order to even begin understanding, relationships have to be established. Knowledge is power, and when we approach minor infractions with curiosity, we are equipping ourselves with the knowledge that can go a long way toward building safe, functional classrooms where learning is the primary focus. It also shows that we want to understand, not punish. At the end of the day, building these relationships makes for safer, more welcoming, and more understanding classrooms for the kids to learn. 

What students can't express in words, they communicate through their behavior. Are you listening?

The Needed Perspective Shift

The Needed Perspective Shift (we need to change how we view our students) What's wrong with you? to What has happened? Control to Collaboration

Listen to Them … Not Me


Marisa Crapella

Project Consultant