Steve Leinwand and Eric Milou visit MCIU on Nov 15, 2023

Practical Strategies for Invigorating High School Math

Join us for a deep discussion into high school mathematics issues with lots of practical ideas, models and potential plans for engaging in a process of significant, long-overdue change. All participants will receive a copy of Leinwand and Milou’s book Invigorating High School Math.

    Steve and Eric on the OPL Podcast

    Join Us on November 15th!

    High School math is driven by high-stakes assessments (SAT, ACT, AP and state exams) over which teachers have no control but for which they are held accountable, parents who understandably rarely see beyond maintaining the privilege of their own children at the expense of the underperforming and underserved half, and tradition, the tendency to cover material at pace and continue to do what we have always done despite massive changes in the mathematics needed for today’s workplace, lifelong learning and effective citizenship. And into this mix is the sad reality that high school teachers have been provided with far too little guidance on how and what needs to be updated, fixed, removed, added, and invigorated. It is clear that the status quo is no longer acceptable and major changes in course organization, mathematical context, pedagogy and assessment are long overdue. 

    Audience: K – 12 Math Teachers, Administrators and Coaches

    Date: November 15, 2023

    Time: 8:30 – 3:30

    Cost: $200/$250 (non-members)

    Act 48 Hours: 6