PSU Distance Learning Series

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Whether or not you were able to attend, the PSU Distance Learning Series is providing plenty of resources to unpack as we strive to support learning in a variety of models throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

key takeaways


Common Language Is Needed to Support a Model


Distance Learning Is Not New, but this scale is

Scholars Moore and Kearsley (2011) have defined distance education as Planned Learning that normally occurs in a different place from teaching, requiring special techniques of course design and instruction, communication through various technologies, and special organizational and administrative arrangements.”


We Must Adhere to the Guiding Principles 

Good teaching is important: it may overcome poor use of technology, but technology can never save bad teaching

Designing effective learning experiences requires teachers as instructional designers who understand technology

Each medium has its own design characteristics and context

Make all mediums (face to face, print, audio, video, interactive multimedia)  available to learners

Interaction is essential



Prioritization Scorecard

This Prioritization Scorecard serves as a guide to the Common Language & Guiding Questions tool and will quantify areas of the Systems Model that need greater attention and effort to develop your plan.

As you use this Scorecard, focus on the system component definitions provided in the Common Language & Guiding Questions tool to evaluate your strengths and weaknesses. Then, work through each system component to mark your score (i.e. 0, 1, 2, or 3) for in-person, hybrid, and distance learning models. Finally,  total your scores to determine areas for improvement. For example, a component with a total score of 9 is an exemplar, but a component with a total score of 4 is an area that needs to be addressed.

Upon completion of the Prioritization Scorecard, you will have identified areas to begin and focus your continuity plan. Finally, we recommend you use this tool as a part of any ongoing, continuous improvement plan.

Next PSU Session 

Dec 10 – 10am



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