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Reports Projections Webinars

PVAAS has kicked off the new year with new EL Projection Reports, an updated Value-Added Report layout, and new webinars to support districts as they leverage data to support all learners.

The New EL Projections

Educators now have new projection data to assist in supporting future programming for English learners. Individual student projections are calculated based on their past performance on their ACCESS test and are used to project English language proficiency.  

This includes: 

(1)   Determining students’ trends in working towards English language proficiency, overall and in the specific domains of listening, speaking, reading, and writing

(2)   Assessing students’ future trajectory of reaching English language proficiency

(3)   Developing and setting goals with students as they work toward achieving English language proficiency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing

The step-by-step guide and the presentation materials here can support you in accessing this new information and making use of the data within the context of English language development. Questions about this data can be directed to the PVAAS Statewide Team for PDE via email,


Guide to Accessing PVAAS Projections to ACCESS for ELLs


Supporting English Learners through PVAAS Projections to English Language Proficiency

New Value Added Report

The Value-Added report has a new look on the way.  This will provide the same data with a new refreshed look to improve access and workflow.  New eLearning modules are on the way and a series of four webinars are scheduled for users to learn more.  See below for date, time and registration information.

Description: Join a live session to learn about the redesigned value-added reports. We will demonstrate how to navigate the reports and discuss how educators can leverage the new features to better inform their decisions and work at the district, school, and grade levels. The dynamic, interactive, and easy-to-read design of these value-added reports supports educators in investigating and analyzing their data in fresh and exciting ways. Time will be provided for your questions.
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