Join Montgomery County School Districts and MCIU peers for a comprehensive 3.5 day training session to gain insights into autism characteristics and learn effective instructional strategies to foster learning.

MCIU is providing districts with the opportunity to send one (1) Teacher or Behavior Analyst to The TIM Academy June 18th-21st to attend their Structuring for Success Level I Workshop.

Participants will receive an overview of structured teaching strategies that support students with autism and the opportunity to experience it in action by working directly with students of different ages and developmental levels in a demonstration classroom.

Structured TEACCHing is based on the individual learning needs of people with ASD, including:

    • Focus in visual information processing
    • Accounting for needs in social communication, attention, and executive function

Structured TEACCHing provides strategies and tools that support students with autism to achieve across skill areas. The Structured TEACCHing approach focuses on:

  • Organizational systems to help with attention and executive functioning
  • Use of visuals to support expressive/receptive and written communication
  • Designed support for social communication


Structured Teaching is meant to help students become more flexible and independent through the meaningful engagement in activities. Further, Structured Teaching works to support a student’s belief in their own capabilities.

Please use the form below to submit information for the participant from your district who will be attending. We will contact nominated participants directly to complete their own formal registration.

This form must be completed no later than May 1, 2024.

If you have any questions please contact Kari Kessler at

Kari Kessler

Project Consultant

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