Brightbytes is a data platform that features three unique data collection tools.  In today’s webinar, we take a look at the Teaching and Learning Survey (T&L), the Modern Learning Survey (MLS), and the Ed Tech Impact tool (ETI) and how they can support schools in taking positive steps forward with data-driven decision making around the use of technology in the school system. 

Through our partnership, MCIU member districts can access either the T&L or MLS for free and receive special pricing to deploy the ETI.  Contact Glen Zoller at for more information.

Transform your education data into a comprehensive view to drive decision-making.

  • Combine assessment, attendance, behavior, and other key student data in one platform 

  • Quickly and easily examine the big picture and dig into granular insights across your organization

  • Provide your team with a multifaceted approach to take action with confidence

Quickly assess the unique learning conditions and experiences of each student.

  • Measure the impact of edtech investments, no matter where students are learning

  • Strengthen communication with stakeholders to identify where and how to support learning

  • Obtain insight into important social and emotional factors affecting teachers and students

Measure digital application usage and efficacy within specific conditions to determine ROI.

  • Tie the usage of 2500+ educational web apps with student achievement data from any system

  • Discover which programs and apps impact student achievement and ROI

  • Inform plans to replicate, scale, or adjust resources accordingly