Brandon Langer explores EVERFI to learn more about how it can support schools and teachers in their quest to provide meaningful learning opportunities across STEM and other subject areas.

00:00 – Start

00:23 – Introductions

02:39 – Question: What does EVERFI offer?

04:18 – Question: What are the trends for schools using EVERFI?

06:09 – Question: What is the learning experience like in EVERFI?

09:38 – Product Demo: Endeavor STEM Career Exploration Overview

11:24 – Product Demo: Career Path Information

14:01 – Product Demo: Learning through Project Applications

15:55 – STEM Career Paths – Part II

16:50 – How big is EVERFI?

18:24 – Product Demo: Sneaker Project Demo

20:27 – How does a school or teacher get started?

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