Learning A-Z is an EdTech essential for many teachers thanks to products like Reading A-Z and Raz-Plus.  Today we take a look at a massive new product called Foundations A-Z, a comprehensive Literacy toolkit built upon the Science of Reading.

00:00 – Start 00:24 – Introductions 02:51 – Question: How does Learning A-Z Support Reading? 06:33 – Question: What stands out about the new Foundations A-Z? 10:00 – Overview: A robust, versatile, and researched-based program 12:11Feature: Align to your school’s unique tech portfolio needs 13:17 – Demo: A systematic, year-long scope and sequence for K-5 15:14 – Structure: Unit = 4 Modules, 5 Lessons, Spiral Review, Assessment 17:23 – Feature: Comprehensive with connection to the entire ecosystem 18:40 – Demo: Deep dive into lessons with teacher supports built-in! 21:19 – Demo: Lessons built upon the gradual release model 23:33 – Demo: Summarizing the lesson experience for teachers 24:54 – For Students: The “You-Do” drives the student experience 28:24 – For Teachers: Connecting product to learning and teaching practice 31:03 – Teacher Choice: Teachers have choice of deployment method 32:51 – Feature: New decodable resources 34:35 – Customize: Align to your core curriculum or assessment portfolio 36:43 – Demo: Student experience is unified across all Learning A-Z products 38:38 – Demo: Brand new instructional content for students 41:10 – Demo: Interactive student practice with voice-recognition! 48:00 – Data Reporting: Robust student reports with targeted support delivery 52:17 – Targeted homework practice is now scalable! 53:53 – Conclusion: Scarborough’s Reading Rope

Watch our previous Learning A-Z episode here: https://youtu.be/6PXCHf2NAFY 

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