While many companies and organizations are talking about “gamification” in learning, Plasma Games is taking true “Game-Based Learning” live in the classroom. Brandon Langer (MCIU) sits down with Rose Roberts (Plasma Games) to discuss the difference and how Sci-Ops is supporting learning and STEM career exploration at no cost to schools and districts.

00:00 – Start

00:23 – Introductions

01:40 – Clarifying Language: Game-Based Learning vs. Gamification

03:44 – Question: What is Plasma Games’ first offering Sci-Ops?

05:44 – Tangent: Games are Experiential

06:49 – Question: How can teachers go beyond the game?

09:38 – Access: Not Your Everyday Free Offering

11:00 – Prompting STEM Career Conversations

13:04 – How to take the next steps with Plasma Games

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