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Many solutions talk about “best practices,” but fall short in the execution or force teachers and leaders to conform to the solution.

Brandon, Christy, and Cassie from MCIU sit down with Cynthia and Brandon from Formative to discuss formative instructional practices and take a look at a powerful teaching and learning solution, Formative (formerly GoFormative).

00:00 – Start

00:22 – Introductions

03:05 – Question: How do formative practices shape the future of education?

05:42 – Question: How does Formative support true formative instructional practices?

08:29 – Product Question: How do we support all learners as virtual learners?

10:17 – Demo: What Makes Formative Different?

11:49 – Demo: What is the Formative experience like?

13:14 – Demo: Live student engagement and response tools

15:43 – Demo Question: How do you scale and personalize feedback?

17:45 – Demo Question: Can I remediate in groups?

18:32 – Demo: Real-time Data Driven Instruction (scaling formative practices in a classroom)

20:55 – Empowering students to own their learning

21:41 – Demo: Finding your strategic pause points

22:37 – Demo: Using your legacy content in a modern setting

24:30 – Demo Question: How do we accommodate and modify instruction in Formative?

28:03 – Product Question: How does Formative integrate into our systems?

29:31 – Demo: Supporting teachers with plagiarism identification

32:28 – Thought: This is virtual teaching as the teacher envisions it, not the company that built the tool

34:10 – Reporting Demo: A small look into a powerful data source

35:14 – Demo: Content Library

39:18 – Wrap-up: Summary and Contact Information

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