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iXL has strong roots in the supplemental math product market, but they continue to expand their content development, curriculum alignment, and assessment products to fit the needs of modern classroom environments.

On this episode, Brandon Langer and Alysa Beer explore the wealth of resources and new interactive learning tools that continue to make this a lead learning solution in the EdTech space.

More About iXL

00:00 – Start

00:24 – Introductions

01:45 – iXL continues to build out rich new features

02:19 – Question: Where is iXL in 2022?

04:12 – Content Question: What content lives on iXL today?

05:23 – Content Question: How does that content align to school needs?

06:37 – Content Question: What Alignments are Available?

07:37 – Features: How does a teacher leverage this alignment for personalized learning?

10:05 – Features: Textbook and Test Alignments (Skill Plans pt.2)

11:31 – New Features: New Learner Engagement Tools

14:09 – Targeted Instruction: New Group Jams

16:05 – A concrete example of how EdTech advances classrooms

17:31 – Data: Daily Reporting Tools

18:45 – Data: Daily Reporting Tools

20:28 – Demo: Real-Time Diagnostic

24:11 – Wrap-up: How to continue your iXL journey

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