Episode 7

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MCIU Partner and EdTech veteran Learning A-Z shares how making literacy development personalized is baked into their DNA. We take a look at this comprehensive digital resource, how it is so much more than just leveled readers, and why kids love the platform.

00:00 – Start 00:23 – Introductions 03:04 – Building the Carpenter’s Toolkit: How Modern Classrooms Are Set Up 05:04 – What Do I need? Clarifying Learning A-Z, Raz-Kids, Raz-Plus, and more 08:01 – Diving Deeper: Leveled Readers with A Lot More to Offer 13:00 – Don’t Forget The Search Bar 14:05 – Organize, Share and Collaborate 16:55 – Summary: What Is Available in Raz-Plus? 19:08 – Accessing Leveled Books 24:21 – More Than Just ELA & Literature 25:46 – Science A-Z 31:10 – Student Engagement, Incentives & Gamification 34:01 – Promoting Independent Reading 36:51 – Wrap-Up: Form and Function In The Current Classroom 41:53 – Built-In PD Resources 44:25 – Feature: Core Curriculum Alignment Tool 47:05 – Savings With PA Statewide Consortium Bundles Through MCIU

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