Who Is UDL Partners?

UDL Partners is a collaboration of professionals at the Montgomery County Intermediate Unit and Cabrini School of Education. We are committed to all things UDL and strive to support educators across the continuum of experience. We strive to be a resource for pre-service to veteran teachers who embrace the tenants of UDL and want to understand how to make it come to life in practice. Follow us on Twitter at @UDLPartners and hear our story below.

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 Our UDL Mission

UDL Partners believes that ALL learners can be successful given intentionally designed environments. Through the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework, we support teachers, administrators, and teams to see that meaningful change is possible (and dare we say invigorating). To us, UDL Is not “one more thing.” We believe that UDL unifies the many initiatives out there and supports the learner and educator variability found in our schools.