“Why are so many learners struggling in math? We get this question all the time, from educators and administrators in education. Some chalk it up to the old theory that some individuals are just not “math people”. I can’t agree with this theory. Instead of placing the blame on the learner, let’s focus on the instruction and the design.

As we think about mathematical instructional design, we need to embrace a Universal Design for Learning mindset. Universal Design for Learning is an educational framework based on research in the learning sciences that guides the development of flexible learning environments and learning spaces that accommodate individual learning differences. When we design with a UDL mindset, we are proactively anticipating variability within our learners during the design of instruction to remove potential barriers that might present themselves.

Are you questioning your instructional design in mathematics? Are you frustrated with not being able to reach all learners? Then this session is for you!

I am constantly challenging educators to think about their math instruction in a different way. The breakout session, “Effective Math Instruction by Embracing UDL” is designed as an opportunity to dive into effective mathematics teaching practices and strategies. We will unpack standards and learning progressions, examine skill gaps that learners might face and strategies to address them, and analyze instructional moves you can make within your classroom. You will learn how to utilize these essential concepts of mathematics instruction as part of your instructional design. 

To learn more about effective math instruction by embracing UDL , attend the virtual breakout session on Monday, June 17 from 1:15-2:15 during the third annual MTSS Event: ALL IN! Creating Responsive Multi-Tiered Systems of Support

All who register will have access to keynotes and all sessions until December 31, 2024!

2024 MTSS Conference All In: Creating Responsive Multi-Tiered Systems of Support Keynote Speakers Tai A. Collins, PhD BCBA-D. Jason Harlachner, PhD June 17-18 2024 Virtual


Erin Barry

Project Consultant