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MCIU CDT Activity List:

CDT Updates for January 2020


General Enhancements Made to Reports

  • Reduced scroll bars on each reporting page
  • Pre-filter values will be available across all reports
  • Initial report data focused on most recent test event for Student Group
  • Batch Download available from all report tabs

Conferencing Report

  • The Conferencing Report is a new report that will be available through Batch Download. This report will provide immediate results upon submission of a completed CDT and will compare up to three of the most recent test events for the selected Content Area.
  • The reported test events will vary, based on what test events have been completed by the student, and may include a combination of Full CDT and/or Diagnostic Category test events.



Training Video

NOTE: This video demonstrates all updates made to the Interactive Reports, as well as introduces the Conferencing Report.