Join our virtual sessions with CORNELIUS MINOR and learn more about: • Creating strong relationships to sustain a classroom community • Building self- awareness, empathy and identity in order to participate in a learning community • Integrating social learning into lesson planning and teaching • Using voice and choice to propel agency

Registration Note: Employees of Montgomery County Public School Districts need to contact their Curriculum Director or Literacy Director/Supervisor to arrange registration.

10/10/22 | 12:30-3:30 PM

How do you connect and engage with kids in a way that builds their literacy? In this session, participants will explore how to take classroom action as we move into the new normal. Following a keynote presentation, participants will engage in case studies and have an opportunity to initiate plans with their learning teams.

2/17/23 | 8:30-11:30 AM

Let’s focus on authentic engagement and how it connects to issues that we see in communities. Learn how to engage in the study of children as a core practice that leads to systemic change. Collaborate with learning teams as you research and apply a protocol for action that addresses systemic issues and leads to classroom change.

5/16/23 | 8:30-11:30 AM

Go deeper to understand that simply connecting with kids is not enough. Participants will study how to turn connection into on-going powerful classroom practice over time. Following the keynote presentation, participants will investigate ways to engage in community repair and harm reduction as well as collaborate in their learning teams.

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Cornelius Minor is a Brooklyn-based educator and part-time Pokémon trainer. He works with teachers, school leaders, and leaders of community-based organizations to support equitable literacy reform in cities (and sometimes villages) across the globe. His latest book, We Got This, explores how the work of creating more equitable school spaces is embedded in our everyday choices — specifically in the choice to really listen to kids. Cornelius has been featured in Education Week, Brooklyn Magazine, and Teaching Tolerance Magazine. He has partnered with The Teachers College Reading and Writing Project, The New York City Department of Education, The International Literacy Association, Scholastic, and Lesley University’s Center for Reading Recovery and Literacy Collaborative. Most recently, along with his partner and wife, Kass Minor, he has established The Minor Collective, a community-based movement designed to foster sustainable change in schools.